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Jack (Morely) 

Hi Millie!  

I can't thank you enough for raising such a sweet healthy puppy for our family to love and spoil.  We feel so blessed to have this little guy in our lives and to have the reassurance that he came from a reputable and responsible breeder!

We named our new puppy Jack after m dad who shares the same birth date as this litter (August 3rd).  Jack has brought healing to our hearts already from the loss of our Wire Fox Terrier Linus after 15 happy years. 


I want people to know the level of dedication you have to these little wires  and the joy their personalities bring to our lives.  I appreciate you and take you again from my whole heart!!


Best, J. Smith


Austin Texas 


Bogie is the most wonderful pet.  As you saw Francis loves him dearly.  Everyday when he comes home from work "Bogie" is the first word out of his mouth.  

Bogie is smart, social and so energetic!

Millie, as Francis says, We could not have ordered a better dog.  Thank you for the Joy you have added to our lives! 


Laney (Tootsie)

Laney has been with us for nearly a year now.  We are so happy with our Laney Jane.   I had a lot of reservations purchasing a puppy from so far away, but, there was no need for concerns.  The plane ride from Iowa to New Jersey went very smoothly and althoug Laney was tired and timid, she was also healthy and oh so cute!

Now at a year old she is a sweet, happy, and loveable girl.  She has learned a lot of tricks and follows commands.  We couldn't imagine our family without her! 

Thank you Millie!

Warm Regards, 

The Trewhella Family.  


Millie - we want to thank you again for our wonderful Wire Fox Terrier puppy, Maggie.  We appreciate all the updates and photos you sent of Maggie while we were waiting for her.  You were very caring to us and to Maggie and responded to all of my questions in a timely manner.  

Thank you for taking Maggie for rides so she would travel well when we picked her up.  She really must have enjoyed it as she saw several golf carts at the RV park on the way home and was always very anxious to greet the people on the cart.  She loves playing in the grass too which must have been from the time spent in your yard. 


Thank you again, 

S. and M. Miller  


Went to the vet today, Cali checked out perfect. :-) 

She is scheduled for shots in two weeks...  She is a dream.  She slept the whole night Saturday without crying until 7:15a.m..  Last night she woke up once to go potty and only cried for like 5 mins when she came back in.  

Eats great and only a couple of accidents.  

She is definitely smart - she saw some sun peeking through our shutters, went up and stuck her nose into them and then put her paws on the shutters to make the sun go on the ground... and then fell asleep in the sun spot.  Oh my goodness, my heart melted!  We are so in love with her... and all our neighbors think she is the cutest thing ever!


Thanks again for everything!





Beauregard and I had a very fun and adventurous summer.  I can believe it but he ran off leash for hours with me on these winding and wilderness trails near our northwoods property here in Wisconsin.  

He is such a wonderful companion and a very good boy and is 2 years and 8 months old.  

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