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Puppy Welfare

Vet Checked

All of our puppies are vet checked and vaccinated with applicable vaccinations before they leave our care.  We recommend that you take your new puppy to a veterinary within five days of your puppies arrival for a check-up and to set your puppies additional vaccination schedulle. 

Our parent dogs are also routinely checked by our veterinary and given the best care that we can provide.  As a retired nurse myself caring for people and animals is what I do best. 

Our Veterinary

Dr. Nancy Hougland

Clearview Veterinary Clinic

Daily Life

Our dogs are lovingly cared for and socialized.  They have a large backyard to enjoy and take turns being free individually to explore the back yard.  Each dog has a smaller fenced in run as well where they can get fresh air and sunshine as well as a dog house.   During the night they come inside our garage where they are out of the elements and kept warm or cool depending on the season. Our mothers and puppies are raised in our whelping area in our attached garage where we can keep a close eye on them or bring them into the house as needed.  We enjoy watching each new life being brought into the world and as a former nurse if any intervention is needed during delivery I like to be right there. 

Puppy socialization

Our puppies are all socialized in the house and outside (weather permitting) from the time that they are three days old using a special neurological stimulation program designed by Dr. Carmen Battaglia.  This program is designed to help the puppies be better socialized and better equipped to handle stress as well as making them smarter.  This all is designed to make them easier to train and happier and healthier.


We highly recommend Dr. Carmen Battaglia's Program and welcome you to explore it more.

Puppy Nutrition

You should feel free to come up with your puppies nutritional guide with your  own veterinary.  We wean our puppies onto puppy food starting around 4-6 weeks.  By the time you receive your puppy it will be weaned onto Nutri Source Puppy Food.  We will send a small bag of food with the puppy so that it can continue to have the food it was used to.  

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